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3: Response to ACS 4.5 (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
I'm still working towards a Sunday release.


1. A late report of a bug in bboard that causes it to (gulp) periodically wipe out all general comments in the system.  It's been there since aD days and no one noticed, then within a day or two of each other Neophytos Demetrious and Bart Teeuwisse discovered and diagnosed the problem.  Vinod has submitted a patch for my enjoyment and I intend to look at it later today.  The seriousness of this bug makes it critical that the fix go in.

2. I've got a slight cold that's got me feeling a bit run-down.  If it doesn't get any worse we'll be OK for Sunday, I think, but if it does it might stretch out 'til mid-week.