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4: Response to ACS 4.5 (response to 1)
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Just FYI from the documentation side,

- Vinod and I worked on fixing the "gremlins" on the documentation and Vinod found a work-around, but it seems that the work-around created gremlins elsewhere.

BTW, the gremlins show up _only_ under OpenACS 3.2.x installations, probably because of something in ad_html that I have yet to look at. They display normally in OpenACS 4.5 pre-beta installations.

- I have been converting the "ACS Permissions Tediously Explained" document from HTML to docbook so it can be included in the documentation (not that this should stop the beta release or anything, just FYI). It's coming along, and I'm about halfway done. It's darn tedious.