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8: Response to ACS 4.5 (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
Actually just PG bboard and it was (gulp, be brave Don!) introduced by me when I did my huge round of speedups.  Which is probably why no one's noticed until recently.

I've got Vinod's fix to look at and will study the code more myself to make sure I really understand what's going on ...

I was fixing a real bug when I introduced this one.  The old PG code that was originally ported by (sinner insert your name here!) deleted all acs-messages that were not created by bboard or general comments.  This was clearly wrong so I set out to fix it.

When I did I managed to improve it so now it deletes all acs-messages not created by bboard! Oops ... hey, at least it's more consistent now!