Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Re: few questions about data model and implementation

Posted by Jeremy Monnet on
Maybe I didn't say things clearly (or I do not have enough knowledge to fully understand what you are saying, in this case please forgive me)

I didn't talk about modifying the way it was mounted, or the features of dotlrn or openacs. I just said it would be easier to start if (this is just a case example) you removed the "OpenACS Site-Wide Administration" link from the dotlrn admin panel. If there are specific features of the OACS admin needed, you could just add a direct link to the very component, so people (newcomers) would still think they are still in dotlrn. If that is possible to link it directly of course ...
I also may understand that people using openacs alone, with dotlrn as just "another" application will fully understand the way OACS works, and they will not argue about whether the user is a dotlrn or OACS user. As I said, I am a very beginner in the dotlrn/OACS/aolserver/TCL technologies and applications.

I am just reporting my point of view as most of you are for so long in the business that you may have forgotten how difficult it is to understand such a big system ;-)