Forum OpenACS Q&A: ]project-open[ Releases V3.4 Including ITSM Functionality

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We've finally made it! ]project-open[ V3.4 is available as of today, including a Windows installer, a VMware image and native installers for RHEL5/CentOS 5, Debian and Ubuntu. For a list of installers please see

This version is the last one running on OpenACS 5.1, so we'll soon catch up with you guys and provide a version that you can install on top of an existing OpenACS 5.5 installation.



BARCELONA, November 5th, 2009 – The ]project-open[ development team is proud to announce the release of version V3.4 of its project- and service-management application. ]po[ is currently ranked #12 at and is productively used by more then 3.000 companies around the world.

V3.4 is the first release after nearly 18 months of development work. New non-functional features include a completely revamped GUI, localization into 10 languages, and an online context help system. New functionality includes support for ITIL/ITSM processes including Helpdesk (Incident and Change Management), Inventory (Configuration & License Management), Release Management, and integration links with Nagios, CVS, OCS-Inventory, and many more. New enterprise features include an Active Directory integration, the increased use of approval workflows for business objects, generic auditing for regulatory compliancy, performance improvement for companies with >1.000 users, and the support for multiple profit centers (corporate multi-company structures) and profit center controlling.

Upgrades from ]project-open[ V3.2 and V3.3 should be possible without external help using the built-in upgrade mechanism. Upgrades from earlier versions will need manual intervention.

]project-open[ distinguishes itself from other open-source project- and service-management tools by its large degree of configurability and its support for financial processes and other enterprise features. This means that if small organizations start small and comfortably with SaaS hosting on a simplified configuration, they won’t need to change the system once they grow a bit. ]project-open[ distinguishes itself from closed-source competitors by price and openness, providing a much-improved ROI.

For more information about the new release please visit Be sure to visit the “Modules,” “Processes” and “Packages” pages on this site to learn more about these features. For hosting and professional services please see

About us: ]project-open[ ( is a project- and service-management system (PSA – Professional Services Automation) for companies in the consulting, engineering, advertising, and localization industries. It covers the entire project life cycle, from sales (CRM-light), staffing, execution (timesheet, controlling, incidents, discussions, and file storage) to controlling, invoicing and payment. The ]po[ architecture is designed for mission-critical applications with a rock-solid infrastructure and a sophisticated role-based permission system.