Forum OpenACS Development: Leprechaun Update...

Posted by Tom Jackson on

My nine year old daughter has just informed me that her neighbor friend has been exaggerating, her quote:

Leprechauns are only one foot tall, not two feet tall.

Please note that this might not at first seem relevant to our discussions here, but this means that Leprechauns can get into many more places than I was lead to believe in the past, and as the release of OACS4.5 falls so near Saint Patrick's Day, maybe we should consider any supposed bugs as merely Leprechauns which got bundled with the release.

Posted by Talli Somekh on
they are ONE FOOT TALL?????

oh man, i'm screwed. on my 9056-A1 tax form i wrote that they were two feet tall.

think the IRS will buy your argument too, Tom?


Posted by Tom Jackson on

Well, our neighbor is building a Leprechaun trap (school assignment... really!), and since he is assuming the average Leprechaun is two feet tall, he probably will not catch anything. His failure will conclusively prove that Leprechauns are not two feet tall!

Posted by Michael Feldstein on

To be completely honest, I'm a little irritated that a thread that is so hugely off-topic is cluttering up the OpenACS Design bboard.

This clearly belongs on the testing bboard.


Posted by Christian Eva on
we'r just coming closer to march 17, and some people just lack irish ancestors ...

sorry, but i really enjoyed this awsome discovery!

Posted by David Walker on
I found some Irish ancestors from around the year 500 but I think I'm
cheating and counting some adopted ancestors rather than blood.
Posted by Tapiwa Sibanda on
David, you are probably not too far off though...

Even Muhammad Ali has Irish roots

As for me... I went to an Irish school in Zimbabwe, I love Guiness, I love Irish music, and my flatmate is Irish. Reasons enough to take to the streets of London, and celebrate St. Patrick's day!