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5: Re: .LRN Planner Package (response to 1)
Posted by Dario Roig on
Hi! It’s Great to listen this notice! In the University of Valencia we are using this package in our production system.

We are going to test de new features in our develepoment system.

Thanks for share your work!

6: Re: .LRN Planner Package (response to 5)
Posted by Marco Rodriguez on
At Galileo University a new form of navigation for the planner package has been implemented, which consists of a new column with links to ease and speed the access to various course packages that can be installed in the course. This column consists of 4 main sections, 3 of this sections are visible to all users, and only 1 section is enabled for the administrators of the course.

The links that are activated within the navigation column appear according to what packages are installed on the course. The packages that are recognized by the application are:
-Learning Content
-File Storage

The new function has been uploaded to the cvs, and its available in HEAD