Forum OpenACS Q&A: aolserver on Solaris: Ns_RegisterDriver symbol not found

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I know I am a little lazy but someone could explain me why the symbol Ns_RegisterDriver seems not included in

I am building aolserver as described in the OACS fantastic documentation, I downloaded source from version 3,3ad13-oacs1-beta.

I am building it on a Solaris 8 system. I would like not to visit every makefile and c files in the sources.

thank you

What c compiler are you using?

The source code you downloaded as running for about 2 months (and is a Solaris 8 box).

What version of Solaris (and patches) are you using?

I am using gcc3.0 and my Solaris 8 is Generic_108528-06. Could be a problem with gcc but I did compile several packages like openssh, openssl, postgresql 7.2, apache 2.0, ...

I am ready to download gcc3.03 or even 3.04.

After some tests with various version of gcc3.0, I build a correct version with gcc2.95 and made a comment in the aolserver installation documentation. I suppose some libraries formats have changed with gcc3.0 but was not able to find why. I did use the package from sunfreeware which was explicitely build to use GNU ld. Maybe an original build of gcc could be more positive.