Forum OpenACS Development: Recurring events in OpenACS 4.5 Calendar

There are comments in Gary Jin's code for the calendar package that
indicate that he wasn't given enough time at ArsDigita to implement
the user interface for recurring events.

This is a shame, since the ACS 3.4 calendar UI had this feature.  Its
data model, including support for recurring events, has been moved
forward into the acs-events package, which the calendar package uses
to store calendar events.

I'm wondering if it would be a relatively simple task to reintroduce
the support for recurring events, and whether anyone has in fact
already done this.  Is this feature a requirement for dotLRN?


Posted by Jon Griffin on
Ah yes, the good old days of calendar.

It is completly different than the old 3.x series and therefore won't be as easy as copying some code.

calendar uses acs-events which we abstracted to be very generic. Other packages (calendar,events, etc) could then extend/use this and also have access to another services acs-event (i.e. calendar could show events). I left before Gary even got close to finishing calendar and the work I did on events was passed on to someone else. Of course since Java emits better html and also querys RDBMS better AD shitcanned the whole thing ;)

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Open Force recently implemented repeating events for Sloan as part of the dotLRN calendar functionality.
Posted by Ben Adida on
recurring events are indeed implemented in the calendar
package that we've committed to the tree. There are probably
some PostgreSQL fixes left to make which we'll be taking on in
our porting process over the next 2-3 weeks or so.

The idea was already there in the recurrences table in acs-
events. It's not quite a complete implementation, but the data
model support is there, and we've added the page-level support.

Posted by Rich Graves on
What might be the "right" way to do a sumbit-and-approve workflow in
calendar 4?

On our existing ACS 3.4 installation we (Ybos contracting for us)
added approved_p and approved_date columns to the cal_items table.
The workflow is typical ACS 3 "submit and wait for the admin" with a
UI similar to that provided by the enhanced-news package. Any
registered user can "suggest" an item for the global campus

Since openacs4 uses acs-events we can't do this anymore. Do we
define a "shadow party" for each party that owns a calendar, and
switch parties on approval? Badly abuse the status_summary column?
Add approved_p/approved_date/approving_user_id columns to the core
acs_events table?