Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Strange intermittent xowiki form-fill error caused by Xinha.

strange, i see no reason, why the langmark warning does not show up on every xinha enabled form then... the problem has nothing todo with the redirects.

anyhow, solution paths (a) or (b) will help.

Exactly, that is what puzzled me. Unless for some peculiar reason it is the presence of a '%' character that was legitimately in the content text of the field that caused the error.

Is Xinha pre-emptively setting a parameter based upon an evaluation of the content of the field?

Content dependent behaviour is the only plausible hypothesis that I can think of.


What is the story with the percent character? That's new for me. A content-dependent behavior is not plausible for me.
In that case, maybe I am mistaken. Perhaps I enetered the two pages that worked before setting the field to richtext. In all honesty I cannot recall the sequence.