Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ANN: dotLRN CVS Access Now Available

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Dear Matt and Tilmann and any other "lazy programmers" out there,

Sloan has agreed to let us provide access for developers to our staging server.  Please be aware.

<li>    This is a staging server undergoing active development. Things will sometimes be broken.
<li>    The datamodel is not yet stable. This means occasionally and without warning all data, including your entire account, will be wiped.
<li>    This is intended for developers who want to get a quick feel for dotLRN or compare thier instalation with a working installation, it is not a polished marketing site.

If you would like an account please go to.

<a href=></a>

Sign up for a new account. You will receive a reassuring message that the administrator has been informed of your request. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet turned on. However, I will try to check the pending list daily and approve people.
If you have problems please notify me directly at <a></a>.  You can also report bugs to me and I will put them on the Sloan Project ticket tracker.  We have a long list of known bugs and Open Force is working through them one module at a time.

Thank you for your interest and patience in this project.