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Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Hello Nima,

I think is worth to clarify some issues regarding openacs development, and next .LRN releases, from the openacs CVS docs:

"For non-core packages, developers should work on a checkout of the release branch of the lastest release. For example, if OpenACS 5.1.0 is released, developers should work on the oacs-5-1 branch. When oacs-5-2 is branched, developers should continue working on oacs-5-1 until OpenACS 5.2.0 is actually released."

So now all the packages are stable at oacs-5-1 and the development should continue there until 5.2.0 is released as stable. There are some exceptions for some recent packages that its development is happenning at oacs-5-2:
So no merge between oacs-5-1 and oacs-5-2 is needed right now, and in some packages is actually forbidden.

Right now, if you want to upgrade .LRN to openacs 5.2.0, that upgrade will be for the core packages only, but it is not an upgrade of the rest of stable non-packages. So taking packages from oacs-5-2 (like dotlrn, forums, etc.) makes no sense now since they are most likely unmaintained and not up to date.

What do you mean with: (1) and (2)?
Is these:
- every one stop developing on oacs-5-1
- The help of a volunteer to fix the above version problems

No version problems need to be fixed now, that will be handled when the merge happens.
Also, all the packages at .LRN has been tagged / released by Joel, so we can easily see which are the differences and if someone has added something that we weren't expeting for the next release.

I sencond Malte, excellent work Nima and his team.