Forum OpenACS Q&A: My First Impressions on OpenACS and a question

I'd first like to commend all those who have worked so diligently on
this project.  I've been lurking for over a year and I've always been
impressed with the good work that's gone on here.

I've installed the arsdigita acl version before and I must say that
in comparison the installation of OpenACS was simply a breeze!  It
was remarkably easy!

I've been considering getting an openacs community site going but am
wondering about hosting cost.  Is it possible to get an openacs site
going at say $200/month max price range?

Once again, great work and any helpful tips would be greatly


Yes, absolutely.

If your looking for an easy (and cost effective) way to do this then you might try

We've used them and they are reasonably priced (helped by the Canadian dollar) and are very helpful in terms of providing you all you need. Also, their virtual server arrangement means your shared space looks like a dedicated machine.


No offense to the good guys at, but my next question is "is there anyone else?"

Not because I wouldn't go with, but if I was on a client project, for example, and the client wanted to know what we would do if went out of business, what could I tell them?

Yes there are a number of others, plus anyone offering dedicated hosting can provide similar, although slightly more expensive.

I was merely recommending hub, I guess if your boss needs more alternatives you'll have to search on the web/directories.

There, fairly simple really 😊......

Posted by Kenny Chan on
Hi all,

There is also hosting (Open)ACS sites. The price looks steep though.


Currently I (Zill.Net) offer two packages.

The shared server option is $79.95 per month.  This is suitable for development, and smaller community sites.

The dedicated server includes all the hardware and software setup and managed for $175 per month.  Since our dedicated systems are based on Athlon CPUs and have at least 256MB of RAM they can handle a great deal of traffic and database queries.  AOLserver is quite efficient and quite frankly doesn't need that much power, but it is good to have it.

Since pricing is all over the map, it's difficult to say where we fit in.  Pricing is rarely the only issue - my customers so far have cared more about how quickly I can solve any problems they have, and how quickly the servers are up and running.

If you are willing to do all your own security and Unix administration, you could look at (good reputation) or (the White Castle of dedicated servers).  They are cheaper, but don't expect them to be able to support any problems that crop up.


Just check out the latest plans we offer.