Forum OpenACS Development: How do you monitor for AOLServer and postgres security patches

Was wondering...

How do people monitor for AOLServer and Postgres secuirty patches?

Do you rely on the OPenACS boards to highlight issues or go to the source?

You should check aolserver lists and cvs.
Yesterday we upgraded oracle and openssl modules for aolserver, since many bug fixes has been done, including memory leaks.

Also, it is recommended to use tcl 8.4.6 since there are some issues with higher tcl versions since it can cause to consume a bunch of RAM.

It is my (possibliy incorrect) impression that Tcl 8.4.11 is ok to use; the memory leak has been fixed. I have not updated any of my severs from 8.4.6, though, so I can't confirm it from personal experience.

To answer Tracy's question, yes we monitor many lists/forums to keep up with the latest of everything.

I am using Debian so I have AOLServer and Postgres installed with apt-get.

A simple "apt-get upgrade" should give me all of the security patches.

Roc, are CLOBs working fine now with nsoracle? I seem to remember they were buggy a few months back.
we are not using nsoracle for clobs, so haven't tested yet.
Just found the email. In March I reported the bug, which was on HEAD, to the nsoracle maintainer. Pasted in below for reference. Hopefully it's fixed now.

On Mar 30 04:46:11PM, Andrew Grumet wrote:

> Hi,
> We recently tried out the HEAD version of nsoracle and saw an odd error
> nsoracle.c:1352:OracleSelect: error in `OCIStmtExecute ()': ORA-01461: can
> bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column
> The error itself is familiar one -- you get it when trying to insert a long
> string into a varchar column. But in this case we were in fact inserting
> into a CLOB column. Reverting to the v2_7 driver eliminated the error, so I
> believe there may be a bug with CLOB handling in the latest nsoracle.c. Has
> anyone else seen this?