Forum OpenACS Q&A: dorLRN based SloanSpace V-2 Update

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
OpenForce and Sloan met this week to finalize the SloanSpace V-2
delivery schedule. Final delivery by OpenForce is scheduled for June
We expect to launch production sometime between July 1 and August 1.

SloanSpace V-2 is a Sloan-specific delivery of dotLRN. OpenForce will
finalizing the dotLRN beta release after SloanSpace V-2 is fully
delivered. OpenForce will provide an up-to-date schedule on the dotLRN
specifics within 10 days, including PostgreSQL compatibility timetable
(soon!), customization guidelines, and developers' manual.

Given that the system is becoming fairly stable, it's perfectly safe
start exploring dotLRN and developing dotLRN applets right away! The
major design principles for building an applet are stable and good to
start learning.

Thanks for all your support.

Again if you want to take a look at the most recent dotLRN, make an
at and I will approve your account within a day
two.  Warning: These accounts get wiped periodically when the data
model is

Caroline Meeks

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Thank you Caroline (and all the brilliant people working on dotLRN)! Keep up the excellent work! I think that you are all working on something that is very innovative, exciting, and wonderfully disruptive. It is such a gift to the world that Sloan has the vision and courage to support it and keep it open. dotLRN ist going to give openACS a BIG push. It seems so fitting that it is in an area in which ACS was born (sharing, teaching, and learning). I can not wait until the beta comes out and all the bright young minds at various institutions around the world start to make modules.

Greetings from Germany,