Forum OpenACS Development: dotLRN and new packages design specs

Posted by Ben Adida on
Hi all,

It has come to my attention that there is a certain level of
unhappiness with how dotLRN development has proceeded. I
understand this. OpenForce employees understand this. What
we're going to do over the next 2 months is put forth a plan to
change this. I hope you'll help us in this process by giving us
honest, candid, and productive feedback.

We'll start by posting more of our technical spec docs as they
come up. This won't be complete, because we are still strapped
for time. But we'll do our best to involve the community more than
we have so far.

Whatever comments you have, you should feel free to post or
email me directly.

Posted by Roger Williams on

I am very interested in (and have asked about) the dotLRN changes. My site is about to undergo lots of changes that I want to be able to be re-integrated into the OACS base. This was my goal in publishing some specs on this bboard. Anything you can provide will be appreciated.


Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Rough technical specs as well as continuation of the schedule
updates and periodic code releases we've been getting lately
are big steps forward. The  ideas of a dotLRN bboard, soliciting
community input on enhancements that are in the early planning
stages, and having a biweekly OpenACS/dotLRN leadership
conversation with notes posted to bboard (all raised in the hot
thread on the other board) are all great ideas as well.

Longer term, it would be great to have more discussion about
governance, but I think the steps above would do a lot of good in
the meantime.

Posted by defunct defunct on
In our case its a slightly more strategic requirement. We'd very much appreciate some kind of visible plan/roadmap that maps out where dotLRN is headed and so forth.

In our case we've had quite a bit of interest from major clients in using this system for collaborative product and project development. As I'm sure you can see the functionality for dotLRN is virtually identical to what our customers are looking (we've nominally referred to it as dotWRK).

However, in these commercial environments our customers are a lot less keen/willing to engage to early and become embroiled in a project at beta stage. Therefore if I'm going to swing a sale I need to be pretty confident of the roadmap, divergences from what we'd like to acheive and therefore effort required from us.. (I think that makes sense).

So our requirement would be for a commercial roadmap (irrespective of the underyling technical communcation and progress).