Forum .LRN Q&A: LAMS Community launched using .LRN

Posted by Alfred Essa on
Congratulations Ernie!

"The LAMS Foundation today launches the LAMS Community, a global community website for teachers and developers who use the revolutionary open source LAMS software. LAMS creates "digital lesson plans" that can be run online with students, as well as shared among teachers. The LAMS Community allows teachers to share and adapt digital lesson plans, and discuss their experiences of using LAMS."

"This announcement signals the birth of "open source teaching", as the LAMS Community encourages the sharing of digital lesson plans under open content licences (using Creative Commons). Now teachers, trainers and professors can find digital lessons plans that are freely available to use and adapt, and they can share their own creations and adaptations to the benefit of all education."

"The LAMS Community is based on the MIT developed open source ".LRN" community platform. Professor James Dalziel, leader of LAMS, recently met at MIT with Alfred Essa, Founder and Co-Chair of the .LRN Consortium, to formalise the use of .LRN for the LAMS Community."

"We are delighted LAMS will use .LRN to host the LAMS Community," said Alfred Essa, "LAMS is a comprehensive open source system for designing and implementing sequences of learning activities. Its visual authoring environment is very impressive".

The full press release of the: LAMS Community launch using .LRN.