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Posted by Rodrigo Proença on
i produced an updated version of CHAT TCL in the file storage. I only change some procedures to write the messages on database and comment the javaserver broadcast. The package work with dotlrn-chat and chat-portlet too.

Ben, send me a login to your site to see the features and help me to make a javascript intrface more simple and functional.


35: Re: Re: dotlrn chat (response to 8)
Posted by gustaf neumann on
There is now an updated version of the chat package in CVS oacs-5-2. It uses either ajax-chat (based of the stuff that i have develoed for xowiki-chat, now moved to xotcl-core) or alternatively the java-chat (depending on a parameter). Peter Alberer did the integration and implemented the list of active users. Earlier versions had some troubles with Safari, but now the major browsers seems to work well. As a new feature, it uses now different colors for displaying users.

If you use it, please get as well a fresh copy of xotcl-core from CVS head.