Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to The Big Bang for dotLRN

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Jeez, this is what I get for posting something provocative and
then going away for a few days. I'll try to catch up.

First, I agree that the developer community for dotLRN should
stay on An organized space would be nice, of
course, but for now a bboard and a folder in file-storage would
probably suffice. That having been said, I think it will be difficult
sometimes to draw a line between what belongs in the
developer community space and what belongs in the space
created for non-developer users. I fear that separating the two
may not be entirely healthy.

If somebody can get topics working properly on
bboards, we might try having one bboard here for all dotLRN
user types and allow them to segment them by topic, at least
until the user base grows enough that we clearly need

At the same time, it makes sense maintain a site where
documentation, downloads, etc., are available for dotLRN. It's
great that Sloan is stepping up to the plate to do that.

Regarding the issue of volunteer labor to work on the Windows
installs, etc., exactly what kind of skill is required? I may be able
to scare up some additional resources if they don't require much
OpenACS -specific knowledge.