Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to makeover

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on


  Thank you for fixing all those broken links you created, but your last post makes me feel like all that valuable content is going to disappear into a red hat... never to be seen again.

Many of those pages are really important for OpenACS. Can you please clarify your plans so that we will have enough time to salvage OpenACS related stuff?

Originally I was relieved when I saw this on the Red Hat site:

Will Red Hat continue to operate ArsDigita's public discussion forums (web/db, "ACS Core & CMS", etc.)?
  • Red Hat recognizes the importance of these forums to the ACS Community
  • Red Hat plans to continue operating these forums
  • Information from the forums will be archived for easy future retrieval
  • Red Hat will continue to support the public resources started on
After reading your last post... I am worried.