Forum OpenACS Q&A: makeover

Posted by John Sequeira on now redirects to Red Hat's Content & Collaboration Management Software Solutions web page.

Perhaps the platform has a future?

Posted by Talli Somekh on
It looks like the Java stuff is still alive. But the stuff they are posting is still amazingly pathetic.

*All* of the "case studies" they have there are built on top of ACS Tcl, which I don't have to add is an inferior version of OACS. And those have incorporated plenty of OACS in them. The new Siemens ShareNet system is built on the OACS code-base, rather the clean up of the ACS4.2 stuff

Here's a quote:

"Our team has successfully delivered dozens of enterprise deployments with companies and organizations like Siemens, Deutsche Post, The World Bank, Oracle, MIT, WGBH and many more."

If we can review that list...

  • Siemens - Tcl (heavy OACS influence)
  • World Bank - Tcl
  • Deutsche Post - Java (but I heard it wasn't going so nicely...)
  • Oracle - many moons ago...
  • MIT - haha
  • WGBH - Tcl
  • the many more link goes to a page that's pretty much the same as this list... only more Tcl

I like Red Hat and I hope they do well. I personally feel indebted to all the aD developers that built ACS-Tcl, many of whom have chosen to join the OACS community but many of whom still work at Red Hat. I hope they do well with the ACS, too.

I just hope they don't screw up like aD did and ignore the hard work the volunteers, independent consultants and small companies are doing in the OACS. That is, if they care at all about the Tcl code (which their old customers might...) I was really hoping that they would come over and embrace the community and let us work with them. I still hope someone will notice.


Oh, and I didn't see any place to download the RHCCM.

Posted by Jade Rubick on
I'm curious if they'll change the licensing terms for ACS Java.
Wouldn't it be great if it were GPLed?
Posted by Don Baccus on
It would be great if ShareNet were GPL'd but apparently that's not going to happen (it's used as an inhouse Siemens system).

It would be nice if the aD/RH folks had time to write up a quick case study of the migration from ACS 4.2 to OACS 4.5 if then indeed have done this.

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on
The redirect to RedHat breaks some of the links to aD content but not all. Some of the links in the ecommerce documentation that I revised only a week ago are now being redirected to the RedHat main CCM page.

An example is the link to the documentaion of the email-handler (

Posted by Talli Somekh on
Don Baccus wrote: " It would be nice if the aD/RH folks had time to write up a quick case study of the migration from ACS 4.2 to OACS 4.5 if then indeed have done this."

That's not what happened, from what I've heard. They took an earlier version, pre-alpha from what I remember, that included a great deal of bug fixes and improvements. But since then they've diverged a great deal.

If anyone is around to tell about what they did, though, that would be great.


Posted by Bryan Che on
Hi, we tried to preserve as much of the useful reference information on as possible while redirecting the remainder of the traffic to Stuff that remains accessable includes ASJ, books, and bboard. is still running as well.

In time, we will be adding adding new content and resources to

Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Thanks Bryan!
Posted by Polawat Ouilapan on
Looks likt CMM is based on the ACS Java plaform.

Anyone know what will happen to ACS TCL?

What about the software reposity ( ?
Posted by Don Baccus on
OpenACS 4 is ACS Tcl for all practical purposes, at least in terms of its future.
Posted by Paul Epps on
Bryan, I had a big set of links on the AD Bookmarks Service, now inaccessible. I have no other record of those because I didn't expect them to disappear all of a sudden. Any hope of recovering those?
Posted by Walter McGinnis on

As long as we are making requests...

There were a few things in wimpy point that I found handy including Ron H's Crash Course in CVS. Any chance some of the useful public stuff in wimpy point will come back in some form or another?


Posted by Bryan Che on
I have re-enabled access to /acs-repository, /boot-camp/psets, /doc, /bookmarks, and /wp.
Posted by Paul Epps on
Much obliged on the bookmarks...
Posted by Bryan Che on
I should add that I don't know how long we'll be keeping the server up.  So, if you have anything important on there that you want to keep, please migrate it sooner rather than later.
Posted by joel park on
What is the exact URL to access /acs-repository, etc.? keeps redirecting me to the RedHat CCM page. Same thing happens if I try to login to my workspace.

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on


  Thank you for fixing all those broken links you created, but your last post makes me feel like all that valuable content is going to disappear into a red hat... never to be seen again.

Many of those pages are really important for OpenACS. Can you please clarify your plans so that we will have enough time to salvage OpenACS related stuff?

Originally I was relieved when I saw this on the Red Hat site:

Will Red Hat continue to operate ArsDigita's public discussion forums (web/db, "ACS Core & CMS", etc.)?
  • Red Hat recognizes the importance of these forums to the ACS Community
  • Red Hat plans to continue operating these forums
  • Information from the forums will be archived for easy future retrieval
  • Red Hat will continue to support the public resources started on
After reading your last post... I am worried.
Posted by David Kuczek on
Weirdly ShareNet 2.5 requires "IIS 4.0 (NT 4.0) or IIS 5.0 (Windows 2000), using ASP (Active Server Pages and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or 2000"

There must be two sharenet systems then...

Posted by Branimir Dolicki on

(Du alter Penner :-)

The current version of Siemens ShareNet, the worldwide
knowledge management system at Siemens has been built by
ArsDigita/Red Hat on
top of a nightly build of OpenACS from June 2001.  It was
preceeded by ICN
ShareNet, a system based on ACS 1.3, later upgraded to ACS
3.0.  It runs with
Oracle 8.1.7 and AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13mee.  We are adding
new features every

ICN ShareNet has now become one of many communities
(subsites) of Siemens

The software of Agilience which you refer to in your posting is not
and it
never was never used neither for ICN ShareNet nor for the
Siemens ShareNet.

Greetings from Munich,

-- Branimir

Posted by David Kuczek on
Branimir you old bastard :-),

I am glad that you are still alive and under RedHat contract.

There is two different ShareNets then! The original and grand-old ShareNet for ICN (god bless), based on ... you named it


a product ShareNet by Agilience, which is sponsored by Siemens and lead by a familiar name ;-)

<blockquote> The original and grand-old ShareNet for ICN (god bless)

It is not just for the ICN division anymore!
The ShareNet address has been changed from to (not accessible from
the Internet) so that ICN/ICM ShareNet is
now  The whole
point of  the new 4.x-based ShareNet is
that, using the ACS 4 concept of packages
and site nodes it is possible to serve many
communities, ICN (and ICM) being just one of
them, from a single installation.  That's
why it was launched in December last year as
_Siemens_ ShareNet 1.0, although software
version is 8.0.  The currently running
Siemens ShareNet 1.3 is using the 8.3
version of the software.

Posted by . dv on
do you know where i can find these links? archives or some such secret location? i tried but didn't find it there ... - venkatesh
Posted by Tapiwa Sibanda on

check out this thread

Posted by . dv on
Tapiwa, Thank you :-)