Forum .LRN Q&A: Hide/Show in Main navigation

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
There are new Hide/Show buttons on the "customize layout" page (linked from course admin pages and your account)
in pre .LRN 2.2 code

Hide_in_main_navigation (in the new portal code)
Show_in_main_navigation (in the new portal code)

1. There is not an English version of the message keys (I just took a look at the testing servers to make sure)
2. It does not seem to do whatever it is it is supposed to do (was not clear to me from the message keys)

Can someone explain what this is supposed to do (and fix or remove it for now) please? If it hides tabs, I hope there is an easy way for a user to add them back.

.LRN 2.2 (based on 5.2) is getting close so it needs to be removed or fixed.

Right now we need to reduce features rather than add broken ones.

Posted by Victor Guerra on
Thanks for reporting it Carl,

it has been fixed.
just update dotlrn/tcl and new-portal/catalog
an then reload the catalog files for the new-portal packages and reload files for the dotlrn package in the APM.

Victor Guerra.

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Great, thanks. I will have our site updated and report back. Thanks for the quick action on this Victor.
Posted by Andrew Grumet on

This feature arose out of a long tradition at Sloan of hiding tabs by naming them " ". It was a bug/feature of the early portal system that I made explicit a couple of months ago.

I believe I committed the change to the 5.1 branch. It sounds like you ran into a merge bug. Glad to read that's taken care of itself! 😊