Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to MS in Peruvian open-source nightmare

Posted by David Walker on
This seem dangerous. Software glitches leave Navy Smart Ship dead in the water

At least with an open operating system the naval troubleshooters can locate and fix the problem whether it is in their application or in the operating system. That sounds more secure to me. I hate to think of our national security being dependent on source code that some company keeps hidden from our government.

Of course, the alternative would bother me as well. Opening the source code to the naval programmers and our government pay them to fix MS source code so MS can sell it and make lots of money at our expense. The only solution that wouldn't bother me too much is for MS to continue selling their product but include source code with each purchase (unfortunately their product is probably so buggy we would have to put up with 10 years of horrible security issues before things would get better).