Forum OpenACS Development: newbie to linux - recommended wysiwyg authoring program

Hi all,

I'm doing my first steps with Acs (and linux too!!).

Could somebody recommend an wysiwyg authoring tool? Is there
something specifically adapted to develop adp pages?

I've checked on tucows and saw BLUEFISH and QUANTA PLUS. any
feedback on those?

in advance thanks & cheers.

Neither of them close to being as good as VI (gvim) IMHO.
I have also been a complete newbie two years ago! I would definitely recommend to stay away from wysiwyg. You just don't have as much controll over your code. I am also using vi ( If you want to start with something more complex, use emacs (

Don't be afraid to ask silly questions, that's what I did in the beginning too! As this is a somehow asynchronous medium, an answer can take from couple minutes (many people get email alerts immediately) to some days (if everybody is on vacation 😉...

There is at least one WYSIWYG style HTML editor which is able to support ADP pages in a useful fashion. I mentioned this back on August 11, 2001, but I never heard anything about it since.
Well, that thread indicates that some work was done at aD to make hooks for DreamWeaver, but that it never got released ...

So ... does anyone know how hard it was to do?

I use Dreamweaver from time to time. Just edit Extensions.txt and add .adp and .tcl
Couple of things about DW:

1. I have written extensions for it, it's not easy.  You can write them in MacroMedia's flavor of JavaScript or in C, which requires Visual Studio.  The extension we wrote was for back when we were still on Apache and wanted to see the contents of our included .shtml's inline in the file that was being edited.  They have fairly decent documentation on how to build extensions on their website.

2. If you are using DW to edit .adp files make sure you set DW to NOT "fix" HTML code that doesn't look right to it.  Edit->Preferences->Code Rewriting is where that stuff is.  Otherwise DW will mess up the templating system tags.

I think Barry is talking about editing the file that defines the
extensions that Dreamweaver recognizes (.txt, .html, etc.), not
writing an extension to the functionality of Dreamweaver, which is
entirely different.

On a related but somewhat different point, I always thought it
would be interesting to use Mozilla Composer as an optional
front end for an OpenACS-based CMS.

I think most web authoring programs support webdav and I would
assume Mozilla Composer probably would?  When I have time I'm
working on a TCL webdav that I want integrated with a cms.  That
sounds like what you're looking for.