Forum OpenACS Development: VMware player is free. Super easy to install openacs?

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VMware has made a free player that will run any virtual machines created by vmware workstation or its higher end products.

I am not volunteering to do this, but this might be a very easy way to get people to try openacs... and we would only need to maintain one environment that would load in both the linux and the windows vmware players. All we would need is a very basic linux config in the virtual machine, postgresql, aolserver, samba, and ssh. SSH for postgresql admin. Samba for editing files via your favorite text editor in linux or windows...

Posted by Alfred Essa on

I think you have hit upon something potentially huge. This might do the trick in letting people run an evaluation installer quickly and easily. Thanks for pointing this out.

Posted by Dave Bauer on
John Sequeira already worked on the VMWare image for openacs

So the basics are already there, and now not needed to buy VMWare to try, its a great opportunity.