Forum OpenACS Q&A: reCAPTCHA proposal

12: reCAPTCHA proposal (response to 11)
Posted by Alessandro Landim on
Hi everyone,

What do you think about use to resolve the Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA?

I've developed a package that use this service and can provide this check in ad_form.

Try to download it at:

You need create an account at and get the public and private key. After this, add this keys in /recaptcha/public_key.txt and /recaptcha/private_key.txt.

To use it in ad_form, add this line:

recaptcha::create -form $adform_name

and add a validate in ad_form

-validate {
{[recaptcha::check -challenge_field $recaptcha_challenge_field -response_field $recaptcha_response_field]}
"\"#recaptcha.Title#\" #recaptcha.Error#"

In my blog I posted an image of this usage

13: Re: reCAPTCHA proposal (response to 12)
Posted by Dave Bauer on
This sounds good. I will try to review this.
14: Re: reCAPTCHA proposal (response to 13)
Posted by Torben Brosten on
This is great.

Please make sure code works well when connecting securely.

More info under "Using reCAPTCHA on an https site" at