Forum OpenACS Q&A: New Module Proposal: Annotation Server

I don't know if anybody has looked at the W3C's annotation server
( but it looks like a very interesting
for eLearning and knowledge management purposes. You can access some
of the functionality on the client side through Javascript, although
the most robust way to use it is through a client side software
install. (Clients exist for Mozilla, IE, and Amaya.)
Posted by Joel Natividad on

You might want to check out CritLink too which works without installing anything on the client-side.

Its been a while though since its been updated and it chokes on some non-standard HTML code.

We used it to do (or rather, tried to) collaborative, iterative development of websites with some success.

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Actually, Joel, that's exactly what I'd want to use it for myself.