Forum OpenACS Development: Re: various requests to xowiki/admin/list error with no last_modified

What version of XOTcl are you using? If you run YOURSITE/xotcl/version-numbers, it will report among other useful information the version of XOTcl (not included in your reply). Did you run the test of xotcl-core in OpenACS automated testing (YOURSITE/test/admin/)? did you run YOURSITE/xowiki/admin/test?


First, problem is resolved. Details in message following this one.

I haven't run automated testing on it.

The version info page is a really useful feature. Wouldn't it be a great additon to the buttons on the xowiki/admin page?

Version Numbers of XOTcl and Related Packages

Database: PostgreSQL 8.2.13 on amd64-portbld-freebsd7.2, compiled by GCC cc (GCC) 4.2.1 20070719  [FreeBSD]
Server:    4.5.1 (AOLserver)
Tcl:       8.5.7
XOTcl:     1.6.3
Tdom:      0.8.2
libthread: /usr/local/aolserver/lib/thread2.6.5/
Tcllib:    /usr/local/lib/tcllib
acs-kernel:            2009-06-19, 5.6.0d3
xotcl-core:            2009-04-28, 0.106
xowiki:                2009-04-30, 0.118