Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Any good reason content_item__move function only allows folders as parent?

i think, it would be a good idea to remove this restriction. However, one has to deal with at least the following aspects:

  • folders have registered content-types to restrict the types of their children (cr_folder_type_map), other content-items/acs-objects do not have such a map. Not sure, how important the restriction is. i could live without it.
  • when the restriction is lifted, essentially, every move operation is potentially a move operation of a tree (like content_folder.move). However, since it is already possible to create children under arbitrary items, i would not be surprised, if there would be already some problems in the code (like operations on looping structures).
  • a content-item.copy becomes more or less a content-foder.copy
  • the content_folder.is_sub_folder logic has to be extended
  • Most likely, there will show up more tricky issues when one is working on an implementation.

    Essentially, i would think that all logic should be moved from content-folder.* into content_item.* operations, content_folder.* could be more or less stubs for compatibility. I am not sure about the necessity for allowing/supporting arbitrary acs-object-ids as parent-ids, arbitrary cr-items definitely would make sense.


"a content-item.copy becomes more or less a content-foder.copy"

Yes, and (potentially) copying any object could be (like) copying a folder as well.