Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Strange intermittent xowiki form-fill error caused by Xinha.

Hi Gustaf,

It seems like I'm facing the same problem. The error in my log shows the following code:

No form field with name fontname found (available fields: _creator _description _name _nls_language _page_order _publish_date _publish_date.DD _publish_date.YYYY _publish_date.month _text _title detail_link image_url)
while executing
"error "No form field with name $name found (available fields: [lsort [array names ::_form_field_names]])""
(procedure "lookup_form_field" line 26)
::20233804 ::xowiki::Page->lookup_form_field
invoked from within
"my lookup_form_field -name $att $form_fields"
(procedure "get_form_data" line 45)
::20233804 ::xowiki::Page->get_form_data
invoked from within
"my get_form_data $form_fields"
(procedure "edit" line 61)
::20233804 ::xowiki::FormPage->edit
invoked from within

The thing is that I can't disable all plugins. Langmarks plugin will be important to me also.

Can you give some directions about how I can fix that code on XoWiki? Or how I can fix Xinha so it doesn't supply the code to the Wiki Form?

Hi there Eduardo,

Gustaf fixed this behavior last year... check out this commit:

Hi Victor,

Thank you very much. I've already updated the file.

One question: is there a version of Xowiki for the tag oacs-5-5? When I checkout using this tag it comes no code.

I am afraid xowiki was not branched into oacs-5-5. The latest branch of xowiki happened for oacs-5-4. But xowiki/xotcl-core from HEAD should work perfectly with your core-code checkout from oacs-5-5.