Forum OpenACS Development: DB exports using ssh

Posted by Jarkko Laine on
Are there any intends to change the DB exports described in the "Next
Steps" chapter of "Installing on Unix/Linux" to use SSH instead of/in
addition to ftp? I don't know about the size of the security hole
that using ftp rises but the servers I've available for the backup
don't offer ftp services (for obvious reasons) so an alternative
approach would be highly needed.


Posted by Gilbert Wong on
You can use scp to copy the file from your server to another machine.  You will need to exchange the public ssh keys for both machines.  See the ssh documentation on how to generate the keys and setup the machines so you can use key authentication instead of password authentication.
Posted by Arjun Sanyal on
Jarkko, I just uploaded my ssh-based backup script here. It should be easy to modify the "tar" command to do a db backup. Here's the full description: "A perl backup script based on ssh using no- passphrase DSA keys. Detailed instructions in the script itself. Uses tar and scp locally, but it's easy to modify for other commands. Also emails if the local commands failed."