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Posted by Rafael Chacon on

I'm having an issue when importing a package to .LRN that were generated using the reload editor. Everything works fine in the preview when I'm working in reload. When I add the cours with LORSM there is no error either. When I open the course the contents tree is loaded properly as well, but when I try to actually open a content it arises the following message:

Content Item Not Found
The requested item is not available for viewing. The item is either not available on this server or it is not in a publishable state Unpublished items can be viewed via the CMS interface if the CMS package is installed.

I checked the imsmanifest of the package and everything is ok. The folder of package has all the files. I don't understand why the item is not found.

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Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Rafael,

You need to find out which item can not be viewed (in the log?). My guess is that it's caused by an object (image or the like) inserted within one of your pages. Check the path of your objects (should be relative to the folder where your items are stored).

Hope that will help.

3: Re: LORSM Package issue (response to 2)
Posted by Rafael Chacon on
Hi Emmanuelle,

Thanks for your answer. After some debugging I realized that the problem was with name of the package (it had a question mark). The genarated path by LORSM for a package with a question mark in the name doesn't work. I changed the name and now is working.

Thanks for your help.