Forum OpenACS Q&A: FYI: Web speed test online

Posted by Hanjo Pepoulis on

surfing on O'Reilly I found the homepage from the Author
of the book "Web performance tuning", offering
some simple tests online.

For the fun of it, it's ok. Maybe you want to check it out.

As usual it brings us AOLserver dudes back to reality:

"Your server is using HTTP 1.0, which is obsolete. You should upgrade
to a server that uses HTTP 1.1 for better performance"
(pounding on

... :-)

Posted by Roberto Mello on
You didn't mention what reality that was. Your post sounds a lot like trolling to me, since you didn't mention any specifics of the test or the results thereof.
Posted by Tom Jackson on

Actually AOLserver doesn't support a lot of what is in HTTP 1.0 or even 0.9. Most web browsers don't use that extra functionality either. But that doesn't mean that you couldn't add the stuff you want. In OpenACS, the request processor filter takes on almost all response generation, so it is even more limited in conformity than AOLserver is out of the box. I don't see what effect this has on anything members of this community wish to do with AOLserver or OpenACS.

Also, nonconformance is more noteable in what most web applications support that are not in HTTP of any level: cookies, redirects from post operations, GET requests with side effects, frames, etc. However, some would argue that these things are useful in some context.

Posted by David Walker on
The test referred to is probably
Posted by Hanjo Pepoulis on
Hi Roberto, Tom,

I just wanted to mention the authors check in general. I did not think of it as a test specific for or AOLserver sites.

It may help people to find some of their sites bottlenecks, e.g. if connection time is the number one reason why it is slow, or the huge number of graphics one page includes and so on.

...and Roberto: I found the message of the online tool concerning HTTP 1.0 funny (therefor the smiley) as HTTP 1.0 versus 1.1 and AOLs problems with 1.1 has been discussed very often in the past.
But as I can see my intention was not obvious. Hm, just treat it as a "Maybe this link is useful for you" message.

I did not want to hurt anyones feelings, sorry...

Posted by Hanjo Pepoulis on
Aaaaaahhhhh David,

even worse, I forgot the link in the intial post...

Posted by mark dalrymple on
AOLserver actually implements some chunks of HTTP/1.1, just not all of them, and so it doesn't erroneously advertise itself as being fully 1.1 compliant.  Maybe let the AOLserver folks know exactly what from 1.1 you're expecting.  It might be there and just need a configuration change.