Forum OpenACS Development: ListBuilder filters don't filter in Bug-Tracker

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We've got a _very_ strange behaviour in ListBuilder in the Bug-Tracker index page

- The page correctly shows a lenghty list of filter options on the left hand side
- However, filter conditions are not applied when clicking on them.

We didn't change the code of bug-tracker in a long time, and ListBuilder works correctly in other pages.

When debugging the behaviour, I could find that ListBuilder calls template::list::page_where_clause and the page version of the SQL statement instead of template::list::filter_where_clauses, but I have no idea why this is happening.

Any hint would be very useful.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Just to let you know we fixed the issue.
For some reason, the bug-tracker index.tcl page exlicitely requested the paginated version of the multirow, which was wrong.