Forum OpenACS Development: Re: "Nice JSP version of ACS 3.4" - Does somebody keep a copy?

Hi Eduardo,

I've got the following URL from a contact at RedHat. WAF is part of this "APLAWS" application: The code is open-source.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your explanations about the JSP and J2EE versions.

The reason I'm checking now is that one customer recently canceled the 2nd phase of a large project because of AOLserver and TCL. He compared this technology base with a "piece of shit sticking out of the anus of an expensive Japanese goldfish". Also, it's always good to think about a plan B in case Dossy stops maintaining AOLserver...

Also, some people have asked me: "If you could start to develop ]project-open[ from scratch again, what technology would you use?"

I think, I'd probably use Java for a number of reasons and keep the existing data-model with very few changes. So this is why I'm looking for existing code. But I think I'd use neither plain JSPs nor J2EE. Instead, I'd develop a new framework from scratch consisting of building blocks inspired by FormBuilder, ListBuilder and the ]po[ Portlet and Menu GUI elements. This framework would be based on plain SQL statements for ListBuilder and on a SQL metadata system (AMS/ ]po[ DynFields/ Quest FlexBase) for FormBuilder, instead of the usual Java business objects and a persistence mapper. Google Web Toolkit (GWT) seems an interesting option for low-level GUI widgets.