Forum OpenACS Development: Re: "The Secret" Forum 2B built with OpenACS

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
The Geeky side of the secret!

Actually this is GPL, the code ain’t no secret! Here are some technical details on the new PI site and what the community should expect back from us in the next month or two as we move towards launch.

We started with dotFOLIO, because each user needs their own subsite (My Stuff). Photo-album and blogs are used within the dotFOLIO framework with a few cosmetic changes. ECommerce is used to allow for paid memberships.

Forums and file-storage are used with somewhat more interesting modifications. We’ll write up some mini-case studies on how we used file storage to create private/shared library functionality and how forums and acs-groups were used to meet the client specific shared forum requirements.

New packages this project will contribute back are:

Messaging – users can send internal messages, turn off/on email notifications, vacation messages.
Friends – Users request “friendship” and the other user must confirm to be listed on their friends page.

We will also write up a case study on the site as a whole and how it uses online collaboration tools to builds a world wide community.