Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to Survey RFP and Spec posted.

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Sloan would like to thank everyone who responded to the Survey RFP. We got many great ideas and it was a difficult decision but we are pleased to announce that we have awarded the contract for survey section to Musea.

Musea will be delivering code with basic functionality to Sloan in 4 weeks.  Within the confines of this aggressive schedule they have told us they are committed to an open process with the community.  They are also committed to continuing to own this module within the open ACS framework.

Once again I want to thank everyone.  We received 7 bids and several other less formal expressions of interest. It was wonderful to see that  there were so many vendors/individuals to choose from as we have many more projects in the pipeline and continue to hear from other organizations interested in implementing dotLRN.