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Posted by Ben Koot on

Thanks for confirming my case 😉. I would be more than happy to pay your hours. I guess Don can enlighting you in a few minutes, but as he's not privy to the problem the bug is likely to to stay on board for ages.

My basic call is that we need to integrate bugtracker with the project management module, monitored by a human bugwatch (lead in project manager), capabble to come to conclusions like this. We also need an internal jungle drum called Jabber server to communicate professionaly. I understand from Malte setting up Jabber is a nightmare, but if we can't even mange it ourselves we look like fools. This is the future of internet, we have all the integration but nobody uses it.

All we need is someone to set up a co hosted (Vserver) OACS jabber application, where user subscribe to their jabber, with a corporate decicated option. This could be the fundament of a nice virtual company. I am game and volonteer to fund the server, but I don't understand the beast.

Many basic problems are likely to be due to due to typing errors and don't need attention of uberhackers. I think student hackers can also help maintaining the documentation. If we concentrate on the latest release the doc's issue becomes pretty straight forward. So forget the past, and stick to 5.2.