Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to How long can the OpenACS community get away with being an island?

We really need to start with some marketing initiatives...

I have been talking to some *IT* execs lateley here in Germany and it's no real news that they are pretty much focused on buzzwords, nicely and graphically presented functionality as well as "best practices" of former clients. What we need to manage in my opinion is the following:

1. Get a *professionally styled* new website out.

Maybe somebody knows a professional graphic designer that could start making the existing logo (I like Philip's dog on it) look a little bit more professional... Further we need some professional "powered by" logos. After that we need some nice layout suggestions for the new site.

2. We need a bunch of "best practices" that explains how the system is being used with *screenshots* etc. We have a lot of prominent examples like:

Education ~ Sloan, Berklee

Knowledge Management ~ Siemens ShareNet

Non-Profit ~ Greenpeace, Urban Parks

And maybe some statements/testimonies of prominent people from these companies!

3. A description of what the core can do in terms of scalability, security, modularity.

4. A short description of all existing modules and at least one *screenshot* to every module.

5. A Powerpoint presentation that basically is a summary of 2-4. Further a pdf version of that presentation... Rafael Calvo already came up with a nice pdf document using a lot of screenshots!

6. We need to place within press releases for newly launched sites like the upcoming dotLRN.