Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: LAMS Integration with .LRN ready for testing!

Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
Usually is way less than 24 hrs. But since we are in the
other end of the world, when you guys have sign up we are
usually a sleep, so it takes us at least a few hours.

Why is that wait needed at all?
Isn't that already a test server?
In the test server at:
there's no need to wait for approval. Should we?

Hi Eduardo,

there's no need to wait for approval. Should we?

There are mainly two reasons for the manual account creation:

1. LAMS is all about collaborating learning. Therefore in order to better appreciate this, it's always easier to have each user with its own account so they can participate in each other's sequences, create their own, monitor the progress of other people, etc. One account for all, as your demo server, won't do for it.

2. Although we can get people to sign up automatically, in order to really assess and have a fair play go at integration they will have to be professors/teacher assitance in a course so they can take advantage of the author and monitor interfaces (as a .LRN student for a course, you'll only get the Learner's interface). Therefore even if we get them to sign in automatically, we will have to set them up in a .LRN as professors.

True, it requires a bit more management in our side, as we need to create manual accounts and all (and of course takes a bit longer than automatic account creation), but given the differences in the experiences, I think a few hours wait makes quite a difference. Nevertheless, we're releasing the LAMS .LRN packages on Friday, if you want to add them to the .LRN demo site, please let me know as we can set up a LAMS server in Europe so it works faster from where you guys are.