Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Res: Reuse in the large is an unsolved problem !?

I've read Lars Post and a lot of this forum post (too hard for me, a non-active web developer). It is sad to see good programmers give away and this must give us some lessons like those ones you wrote down here.

But I'm not agree that this could be a reason to take away OpenACS. From my little experience these are my reflections :

  • We have some typical problems of big open source projects. So, perhaps we need a organization like foundation or something like that and that allow us to have a core full team member to ensure quality software. This is a problem of have funds and money to pay core developers
  • Complexity and bugs not resolved are a problem. We need to make effort on quality (reports of bugs not resolved, posts not answered, etc)
  • We need some strategies to atract good newbies/oldies developers, because our good developers are more and more busy and also they are somewhat tired now. this can not be "sexiest languages or arquitectures"
  • Sorry but I have no answers only questions and reflections because I'm a plebeian not a giant in teh comunity. But, After all, these can be symptoms of a mature community like OpenACS.