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Posted by Torben Brosten on

What date of the cvs head branch has the latest stable version of acs-core packages and xowiki?

I was running 5.5 Head, but then upgraded xowiki to 5.6, which requires directly or indirectly newer acs-core packages.

Each time I attempt an upgrade, something in acs-core or xotcl breaks..


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Posted by Dave Bauer on
Hmmm openacs-5-6-6-final is the latest release of openacs. I am not sure what version of xowiki works with that version of openacs.

No version of HEAD is really considered stable until it is branched to a release branch.

If you encountered errors upgrading from a 5.5 release to 5.6 release we can probably help and that would indicate a bug.

If you upgraded from a HEAD checkout and attempted to upgrade to another HEAD checkout, it will be difficult to determine exactly what the problem is, but if you want to post what errors you noticed, we might be able to help.

Upgrades from unreleased code is difficult to support and generally only upgrade from beta to final releases is supported.

It would be impossible to test every possible combination of checkout from HEAD for upgradability.

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Posted by Torben Brosten on
Thank you, Dave.

I was just hoping someone might have known of a point of stability lately.

Is there a place where notices are sent about freezes for development on head? They're usually an indication, but I can find any recently.


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Posted by Dave Bauer on
I don't believe there has been a code freeze on HEAD lately. Only the core packages have been released recently. I believe sometime in the future the dotlrn packages will be branched for a new releaes but I don't have a schedule.

It is my understanding that 5.6.0 is the most stable code base for the acs-core packages, and little or no changes have been made on HEAD since the release.

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Posted by Prem Thomas on
The 'Download Now' link on the home page points to 5.5.1. If 5.6 is the most stable code base, the link should change.

The news section on the home page also highlights the release of 5.5.1 -- no mention of 5.6.  I think the last new item for 5.6 was here (

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Posted by Dave Bauer on
Prem, Thanks for that information. I'll make sure those items are updated.