Forum OpenACS Development: Re: social networking functionality for acs-subsite? TIP?

I don't want to get involved in the process discussion, but maybe I can defuse the tone of this thread a bit with some real user feedback on the commit and additional support for reverting this as a core addition and resubmitting it in a dedicated package.

I appreciate the contribution Torben, but these social bookmarking additions really only work on publicly available resources. Sharing via delicious/digg/twitter/facebook/etc. doesn't work for an installation like ours where 95% of the subsites are only accessible to registered users. In fact someone using the links you added to core on our site might actually result in them sharing the title and url of potentially sensitive resources on these very public sites (it is reasonable for them to assume that if we included them in our installation they should be used). Again, this speaks for it being optional, off by default and in a dedicated package.

On a related note: I think Gustaf has added something similar to XoWiki pages, but included it as an option within that package.

Hi Carl,

For the record, the share bar is at (and soon to be removed from) packages/acs-subsite/lib/share-bar

They aren't active by default, out of consideration for use cases like this.

The OpenGraph meta tags are active by default, but they do not leak any more information than is already available from the same page content/resource_url: title, favicon.ico, domain, url.

Anyway, they're on their way out.. into a package.. maybe facebook-api, ecommerce, a new package? anyway..



Posted by Don Baccus on
Not ecommerce ... it should be something along the lines of a utility package, no?