Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to How long can the OpenACS community get away with being an island?

I agree with Simon and others that catering to managers and other decision makers is important. I do not quite buy the idea of setting up unless OpenACS is then also a company though. I think there should be one and only one entry point to information about OpenACS. That entry point has been, and I think should remain, - there is absolutely nothing wrong with that domain.

There can be a developers corner on, for example However, the distinction between "business people" and developers is being overemphasized in this discussion. A lot of people (like us) are both, or should be both. In small companies you need to be both. There is no dichotomy here.

Also note that some of the key selling points for the OpenACS - a prominent demo system, case studies and references, an overview document like the one Rafael wrote up - cater to developers as well as business people and decision makers and others. Also, business oriented papers could be linked from the homepage ( without this scaring away developers as long as those papers are clearly marked being business papers.

Let's get the slick new homepage that Tali posted up!