Forum OpenACS Development: Re: POST Method can be broken when using host node map

Hey Torben,

I didn't know this proc, and it seems to be a good solution. However, it doesn't solve the original problem: ad_conn is set up with the wrong url. In order for this to work we would have to replace all [ad_conn url] calls by site_node::conn_url. It seems a huge job for me.

The idea of patching request processor is to provide the information it should in the first place, and make sure all the calls work in the site.

There's still the singleton packages problem, wich is not solved by this proc. Think about the user trying to access acs-lang to change his locale. This is also an issue right now.

Thanks for the info and for your opinion. I'll use this proc to fix context bar, wich was not working on my site. Maybe we should add this fix to the core too (context bar)?

Hi Eduardo Santos,

Maybe a revision of this code should be added to ad_conn?

It seems the most appropriate place..

Could the singleton issue be resolved using an index.vuh file with internal redirects?