Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Google Ads? why not dotFOLIO?

Posted by Adam Aggeusz Jaworski on
I fully agree with Torben,

thinking about really well done 'advertising', please take a look at RoR
is it really that awesome, or really something totally new? there is
even no framework, so why more books was sold on RoR than Python?

all this is because they never started with promoting RoR, they have
made something cool for end-users instead: Basecamp

I can imagine RoR or Ruby would remain in their little niche, the only
reason it was "sold", was "product", and this product was not a RoR
it was app - Basecamp

why not to make something little and cool like Basecamp to promote
OACS? there is no need to wait until some day the BIG dotWORK will
come true

"less is more"

"the interface is the product"

yes, that is true and I see here the perfect candidate to start with: dotFOLIO
but my really BIG wish is to have something like Frank's ]po[
just a little simpler and with Mac OS X like interface, and
compatible with newer OACS code which is not the case with ]po[

basecamp people are working and will release soon their
next app - it will be kind of CRM I suppose

so what are we waiting for ???