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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Should we put google ads on then use the money generated from the ads to buy google ads to advertize OpenACS?
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Posted by Torben Brosten on
Isn't that a bit like trying to create a perpetual motion device?

A month's exposure of Google ads on OpenACS might pay for a day's worth of advertising on Google. Google advertising includes the cost of commisions given to Google ads.

Seems to me that we can find a more productive use of any space deemed for ads on pages.

There are many other effective ways of increasing exposure for OpenACS without using a third party service.

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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I tend to agree with Torben, though I like the idea, and somehow faking us into sourceforge would probably help as well (e.g. update the sourceforge cvs upon any cvs commit on our site)
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Posted by Aernout Schmidt on
Perhaps off topic: many governments do promote open source and provide "open" repositories of product descriptions. For starters we might encourage community members to look for those in their countries and promote OpenACS there. For the Netherlands see:
Posted by Adam Aggeusz Jaworski on
I fully agree with Torben,

thinking about really well done 'advertising', please take a look at RoR
is it really that awesome, or really something totally new? there is
even no framework, so why more books was sold on RoR than Python?

all this is because they never started with promoting RoR, they have
made something cool for end-users instead: Basecamp

I can imagine RoR or Ruby would remain in their little niche, the only
reason it was "sold", was "product", and this product was not a RoR
it was app - Basecamp

why not to make something little and cool like Basecamp to promote
OACS? there is no need to wait until some day the BIG dotWORK will
come true

"less is more"

"the interface is the product"

yes, that is true and I see here the perfect candidate to start with: dotFOLIO
but my really BIG wish is to have something like Frank's ]po[
just a little simpler and with Mac OS X like interface, and
compatible with newer OACS code which is not the case with ]po[

basecamp people are working and will release soon their
next app - it will be kind of CRM I suppose

so what are we waiting for ???


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Posted by Adam Aggeusz Jaworski on

yes, and next perfect item for something cool based on dotFOLIO
would be XoWiki, just please make both of them working on 5.1.5
or go with 5.2.1 as fast as possible to get them ready to go
and build something new, to be a "product" for OACS advertising machine 😉


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Posted by Ben Koot on
Interesting article, starting with what got me interested in ACS, "Remind me" . it's interesting to see many of the enhancements on the whishlist are already available in openacs.
Posted by Adam Aggeusz Jaworski on
OK, so I am also reinventing the whell... 😉

Caroline! please keep us informed:

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Posted by Ben Koot on
we could always ad a web 2.0 extension (= label it as such) to some of the tools in the kit, and piggybag on the hype.Get it picked up on technorati and the the likes, and off you go. Looking at the breaktrhoughs of the latest applications, it seems we've allready got most of the features/logistics onboard.
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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
We have a number of good ideas in this thread.

Adam has previously said:

I feel we really should just START, make simple things, rather than great plans which will remain plans only, it is that simple, and to be honest, simple clean-up doesn't require "resources", it is rather matter of DECISION, and as Joe explained, persistent lack of simple clean-up can be a source of real, BIG problems for OACS development and community
and I have previously said:

The following questions are useful.

1. Is A something we want done? (The OCT has the final decision on this in general)
2. Is there someone who wants to and can do A? (Each individual volunteer decides this)

And the same questions on B.

Are any of them simple and have a yes to both the above questions?