Forum OpenACS Development: Re: A Wiki Page per Package?

Posted by Caroline Meeks on

Status Update:

The move of the site to 5.2
is done. Dave Rocks!!

The next hard piece is writing
the includes. I’m looking for skilled volunteers to help with this.
I’m attempting to post $100 bounties on for each include. It’s a good chance
to try out their system and hopefully give us some good publicity. It
isn’t much for the work but it’s a token of appreciation. If you’d
like to do it as a straight volunteer position please take the $100
and afterwards post another bounty for something else we need.

Here are some details revised
per Torben’s suggestions. Each include will take a package name as
a parameter.

  1. INCLUDE: Bug Tracker
    1. Open Bugs
    2. Last bug Entered
    3. Last bug fixed
    4. Top bug entering
    5. Top bug fixing user
  2. INCLUDE: Info file
    Summary (all packages are hyperlinked)
    1. Description from
      the .info file
    2. Maturity level from
      .info file
    3. Package Dependencies
    4. Packages that depend
      on this package
  3. INCLUDE: CVS Summary
    1. Code Metrics:
      1. count of tcl procs
      2. count of package-key/tcl
      3. count of package-key/tcl/test
      4. count of pg/oracle/shared
        db functions
      5. count of package-key/sql
        lines (pg/oracle/shared)
      6. count of package-key/www/*.adp
        pages (or all adp pages in the package)
      7. count of package-key/lib
        file pairs
      8. count of package-key/www/doc/*.adp
      9. count of lines in
    2. Last File updated,
      last updating user
    3. Number of files
      different between the current release tag and HEAD
    4. Most CVS updates
      by user
  4. Freeform in the
    wiki, put in headers for each of these and people will fill them in
    as they can.
    1. Extended Description
    2. Extended Maturity
      1. Checklist of how
        the package is doing on each maturity level criterion
    3. Sites and how they
      have used it. Each site should be its own page with back links back
      to all the packages. We should be able to do this with “Pages
      that link to this page”
    4. People/Companies
      who can answer questions about this package. Shall we let companies
      also have their own pages in the wiki?
    5. Known Issues
    6. Future Plans
    7. Links to useful
      forum threads, blog posts etc.