Forum OpenACS Q&A: xowiki - Recover accidentally deleted page

I checked a couple of tables (xowiki_page_instance, etc.) but could not find any text fragments of the page I deleted. Does the system really "hard delete" the page? I was also looking for a "xowiki Data Model" with no success.
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The xowiki data model is really the OpenACS content repository. It is the same datamodel as e.g. in file-store, just with a few attributes more. The content repository has a delete function, which does what the name indicates. This topic pops up from time to time, but is not resolved.

Even a dialog "delete really" does not help from my experience, because people get used to it an press enter without thinking. The trash can metaphor would be the best solution in my opinion, but is not implemented.

-gustaf neumann

Posted by Klaus Hofeditz on
Thanks for the quick answer, Gustaf!