Forum OpenACS Development: Re: what is the latest version of xowiki and where can I get it

Currently, none of the application packages are tagged to be compatible with the newest core versions.

You can get in general the newest version of xowiki from cvs HEAD. The page contains a short introduction how to obtain packages from there. On this page, you find among other things an example how to obtain a package from HEAD (cronjob) and another example for a package from the 5.5 release branch. Just replace in the command lines the package name with xowiki. Make sure, the checked out directory "xowiki" is placed under the directory "packages in your installation. When this is done, open in your installation /acs-admin/apm and click on "Install packages".

Thank you. I was able to get it up and running. I am now trying to figure out how to get xinha to work. I have tried looking through the documentation but have not found something that works.

Thank you

Have you set UseHtmlAreaForRichtextP to 1 in the package parameters for templating?
Thank you. That worked. I must have missed that in the documentation.
I am now trying to get RSS to work. I make a change and the feed is not created. I have enabled tsearch and mounted the search package but it does not work.

Thank You in advance.

Have you seen ?

If you install and activate search at a time you have already created several xowiki pages, these have to be reindexed.